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Transfers are sized as follows:

11" DTF Transfer at the largest side.

4" Pocket DTF Transfer


Can be used over dark colours, any fabric! High quality, durable prints. Ready to press!


This listing is for one (1) DTF Transfer

Application Instructions:
** Must be applied with a heat press

1. Preheat the press to 300F

2. Prepress the garment to remove moisture and flatten the fiber (5 seconds) - make sure you don't scorch the fabric. 

3. Place the transfer onto the fabric in the position you need it.

4. The transfer can be covered with teflon, or parchment paper to avoid garment scorching.

5. Close the press, and press the transfer onto the garment for 15 seconds with FIRM pressure.

5. Open the press and remove the backing film from the transfer as soon as it's open. 

We are not responsible for application misplacement.

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